Frida & Diego

The dog’s name is Diego, no joke.  And if you are familiar with Frida Kahlo, the Mexican artist, you would also know that she was married to another famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera.

Here they are again, together at last.  Reincarnated as a pug and super awesome tattoo.

Another piece for the Colour on My Skin project.


8 thoughts on “Frida & Diego

  1. Absolutely amazing shot Jennifer!!
    I’m not getting any mail fron wordpress when you post, that’s why I’ve been away, but just got to know that you are still alive!
    I’ll bookmark your site, I’ve missed seeing your photos!

    • You might need to subscribe to the new blog? Either way, glad to have you back…you haven’t missed much, I haven’t posted for a while but still alive!!!. Thanks for the good feedback!

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