Faith Full

Sometimes you just have to have a little faith…both my wireless flash triggers decided to fail before my shoot today.  I hadn’t brought a back-up cord, so I had to give myself a quick lesson on setting up a master/salve system with my speedlites.  It worked but I was down to a one light set up.

But luckily Faith, our gorgeous model, was very very patient….

*click on the photo to see the larger version


I Heart Film

On my recent trip to New York city, I took advantage of the favourable exchange rate and the fact that B&H was just down the road and stocked up on film.  I came home with a bag of Kodak Portra 400 and Tri X.  Seeing as my collection of digital cameras don’t take film, I of course had to invest in a new camera as well.  I settled on a Canon AE-1 Program and to my delight, trusty B&H had a couple in stock.

It was a pleasure to hold it in my hands, listen to the indiscreet clunky shutter and advance the film manually to the next frame.  I used a couple of rolls to test the metering system and get a feel for the camera.  There is just something about film.  The not knowing if you got the shot.  The anticipation of receiving back the developed roll, not even remember what shots you have taken.  The beautiful gorgeous grain and colour that cannot be replicated in digital.  My first roll was ruined during processing so I took the next roll to a better known pro lab which charged me a day’s worth of meals to hand develop and scan the film.  It’s sad to think the film industry is fading away.  I heart film.